Early childhood education is the foundation of character formation. While working in cooperation with families and communities, we practice a well-balanced education of knowledge, physical, and virtues; nurture normative consciousness, basic academic ability and abundance in humanity.

We believe that a high quality of education is the foundation of shaping humans during early childhood. Our practice of pre-school education emphasizes on knowledge training, physical training, cultivation of aesthetic sensibility, and discipline in preparation for kindergarten. Our graduates have shown courtesy, assertiveness and creativity in the elementary school making Kenshokai Group’s four pre-schools (nurseries and accredited kindergarten schools) earn high evaluation in their respective regions. With the impending crisis brought about by low birth rate and declining population, education and child care has become an important matter in the country. Established with unchanging dedication, Kenshokai Group’s four pre-schools are striving to provide high quality education; cooperate with the families for the children’s strong, energetic, and carefree heart and mind; raise their individuality abundantly; and provide child care services aligned with the needs of the child.

Vocational school

as we are in the field directly connected to educational institution

we will cultivate your skills as professionals that we need as EPA. Nursing care group, rehabilitation, and childcare, utilising the educational environment directly linked to the medical field’s expertise. We are working on nurturing human resources that contribute to the society using the advance processes in science and technology. Apart from the expertise, it is also essential to develop your communication skills and extend your knowledge about living in a multi-cultural setting with respect and gratitude to everyone. Fostering knowledge in the global age, we are creating internationally competitive professionals. Since we started, we have boosted 100% employment rate. Furthermore, the high passing rate of national examination reflects the success and high reputation of the workers on the field.

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