Julie Ann Delin Diamante

Strategies used to develop better learning

I never pushed my self to taked it too seriously until the last term of my contract. I thought it was impossible for me to cope with the written exam in Japanese. Fortunately, we were given the chance to study every month under Nishioka Sensei’s supervision. It was the spark that ignited the tiny flame burning inside my heart that indeed I wanted to take the challenge to pass the exam. It was his teaching method that gave me hope and a little confidence, “that maybe I can do this.” From that time on, I dedicated all the remaining free time that I had until the day of the exam. It was like. I shut my self off from the society including the social media which truly wastes most of our time and dedicated my time to succeed in this challenge. I tried different methods until I fourd the best one that suited me. I used to take important notes on small cards. Took pictures of the exercises where I had mistakes so I could review them. I never took the practice sheets from JICWELS for granted. I used them. And during our final month, where we had series of mock exams, I evaluated myself by emphasizing on the common areas where I always have low scores and worked on it. In the entire season of this struggle, I set a goal for myself and took it so seriously. Though I may have pushed myself too hard for this endeavor, I felt like it wasn’t something that was too draining for me because I enjoyed it and I wanted it. I enjoyed the overnight lessons at the senmon gakko with my batchmates and the trainings that JICWELS held for us. Especially when I am witnessing that the results were favorable for me like when I understand the exams, why the answer is this and not that, things like that. It was purely a challenge that I did to myself. That even if I did not succeed, what matters is I gave all my heart to it, and that I did not take this chance for granted.  

Happy memories in Japan until before taking the national examination

I had the best memories during this course of my lifetime. I treasured every moment up to the tiniest simple thing that occured in this journey. The best season that I enjoyed with my co-workers on a larger scale is I think the Awa Odori season where we all dance together and represent our company in the event. As well as summer festivals held at the facility where we organize a festival for the care-recipients. From preparation to cleaning, we have fun through the whole course of the events that we do for the care-recipients. I also had fond memories with the care-recipients – the grandmas and grandpas. Being able to draw a smile to the care-recipients’ faces is an achievement for me.  

Advice  from the seniorEPA

One of my former colleagues advised me not to take this job too seriously because it will make you crazy. And I think it is true. I think this is the best advise that I have been holding on to until now. They also said that work and life should be balanced. My co-workers were warm and friendly. They told me not to hesitate to approach them when I am in trouble or when I feel lonely. And I really appreciate their kindness. Also, I did not only get advise from my senior at work but also from the seniors in life – the care recipients. They told me to look for a special kind of love in Japan. They told me not to look at the person’s physical appearance but to look through the heart. And I felt so blessed to have been given such a proven advise that they themselves have done in their lives which made them live a full and happy life.

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