Standardization of care through scientific approach, coordination between the nursing and medical fields

As the aging population has risen and the number of elderly people with dementia has heightened, scientific method using standardized approach and health program need increased. Dementia is a prophylactic and therapeutic method disease according to studies. Experts in nursing care have established that there is non-specific care program for people with dementia. In order to continue dignified living of the patient and strengthen independence, long-term care and medical treatment are needed. It is recommended that multi-layered services that will comprehensively cover nursing areas be established as a form of new care. At Kenshokai Group, we aim to standardized the care using scientific approach. Joint research with the national school corporation, Tokushima University Research Team (Dementia, Rehabilitation, Mouth Care) in three fields are directly reported and given feedback based from the actual research results. As a response to an increase number of people who choose nursing care facilities as their final place (Nursing Care), we are focusing on further establishing it.

To receive Japanese-long-term care insurance

foreigners over 40 years old of age who legally stay in Japan for more than 3 months (medium and long term residence) will qualified under the nursing care insurance and as part of basic resident registration. If you meet this condition, you are eligible to receive the service under the long-term care insurance system. Similar to Japanese nursing care insurance, fee must also be paid in the same way.

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